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Ehouman N'zebottié Marie Nooëlle is a young 2nd year student of Business Management. Born into a very humble family whose father is named Bernard M. Ehouman N'Guandi, originally from the east (N'zaranou) former employee of UNESCO and mother Georgette Brah Ehouman Kesse, also from the east(Abengourou). Having 4 brothers and 3 sisters, Marie Noelle spent a happy childhood surrounded by her family in respect, love, peace and sharing in Bouake, where she saw the light of day in the Nimbo maternity at 800.hrs. Her parents soon found that she would be a star.

In height, she is: 1.82m, weighing 60kg, with a chest: 84,Hips: 102, and Waist: 67.Marie Noelle is the pride of her parents since childhood been very bright at school and is ranked among the best. After obtaining her Certificate, she did two years of law at STAP (Public School of Science and Legal Affairs) to further her studies in Higher Technical Education happen this year. With the blessing of her parents and the encouragement of her family and sure of her beauty, she participated in the pre-selection contest Miss Districts Ivory Coast where she won the title of Miss Cocody commune which is the most prestigious in Ivory Coast. 

Then she was elected 1st runner-up Miss Districts Ivory Coast 16 July 2010 at 15,000 seats Palais de Treichville, which gives her ticket to the finals of Miss Africa Caribbean/ Pacific Districts to be held soon in Morocco. Thus, she wants to serve her country in order to represent and carry the flag at the Grand Finale Miss University Africa Pageant of renowned Africa as she believes in her chances. The qualities of Marie-Noëlle are: sharing, kindness and generosity as she is very sensitive to the problems of others and listening ear in any situation. The proof is that since her election as Miss District African Caribbean/ Pacific in Ivory Coast she has done many charitable works, she has traveled to hospitals, clinics reaching out to the people. 

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