02 Mar MUA Senegal

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My name is Stella sarr I'm 23. I am hostess, model, 2011 Miss Rafetena girl and of course student eco 3em year science at the University Cheikh Anta Diop in Dakar. As a hostess I had to work at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Sea Plaza shopping center and FIDAK Dakar among others. I also participated in the Miss and Miss Dakar Oscar for Holidays 2011. Thereafter I was taken in a feature film Five candidate for a chair, then in Family Portrait, and then to advertise Cytidia supermarkets in April 2012.

I describe myself as highly motivated, outgoing and passionate with great adaptability. This is a great honor for me to have was chosen to represent Senegal in this great competition that recognizes not only the African culture but also makes the black woman. I love my country and I hope with all my heart to live up to expectations. My vision with the title of Miss West Africa, and with good safe support of the Department of Correctional Education and Social Protection, put feet on center with rehabilitation and rehabilitation for children and minors at risk or entity, the objective will be to help them integrate successfully into society, family and work. 

They have at their disposal qualified individuals willing to help them, support them and give them affection. I intend by my humble self a positive message of peace, and hope to all Senegalese and African youth in general. 

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