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23- year old Aisha Nagudi was born and raised in Eastern Uganda town of Mbale. Aisha is the eighth amongst ten children in her family seven of whom are boys. The Ugandan press describes Aisha as one of the most enterprising and most focused young people in the Eastern Africa.

After loosing both her parents between 1999 and 2000, Aisha was left in charge of her two sibling sisters. With no help from anywhere, she single handedly looked after them including paying their school fees. She could not afford to pay for them and for herself so she chose to stay at home to give chance for young sisters also to finish their primary. Unfortunately one of the sisters got pregnant at an early age and thrown out of school. 

Aisha knew that her young sister had been cursed to hell after seeing how older women who had no education background were suffering. This prompted Aisha start up a school so that after giving birth, her sister would go back to school and Aisha would her teacher. Aisha therefore founded GOOD HOPE NURSERY AND DAY CARE centre 2004. The centre currently cares for 150 children including the one Aisha’s sister gave birth to. Aisha’s sister is among the 7 teachers/careers at the centre. With no grant or sponsorship of any kind, Aisha pays salaries for all the 7 teachers/ careers and 2 causal laborers at the centre. Her source of income is from the small plot of land her father left for her and from the modeling contracts Aisha has with different companies. Aisha is a self made and ambitious young lady who works towards uplifting herself from poverty. In her plans, she thinks about establishing a chain of education institutions of learning and care centers for the less fortunate young people in Uganda and in the entire East African region. 

Aisha participated in controversial Miss Uganda 2010 becoming the judges choice for the crown although someone else was announced leading to Uganda’s suspension by the Miss World. Aisha is also one of the faces of “Oriflame” a Swedish cosmetics manufacturing company. Aisha loves adventures, cooking, agriculture and looking after children. 

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