02 Mar MUA Namibia

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My name is Dillish Matheus and i am 21 years old.I was born and raised in the beautiful warm country called Namibia. My birth date is 16 September 1990.I live in the capital of Namibia,Windhoek city.I am currently a second year phychology student at the university of Namibia.I am the first born of 5 children,i have 3 brothers and one sister.

I enjoy reading,singing,dancing and spending time with friends and family.My favourite colour is green and my favourite food is sea food.I love meeting new people and work best under pressure,i offer and try to help anybody to the best of my abilities at any given time. I find personal strength in the words of wisdom provided to me by my mother. Upon completion of university, I plan to start a charitable organization whose goal is to help abused and neglected children in my country. 

I love travelling and someday I would like to go to Egypt for leisure and historical reasons, I love animals and have a pet dog named, Maximus who is so adorable. My dream of meeting the president of the United States, President Barack Obama is a dream I would like to fulfil soon. I am very friendly and helpful and always try to give any humanitarian help to those who need it, especially children, one day I hope to have a house full of my own children 

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