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My name is Mariam Njai and I am from the Gambia, West Africa. I was born on 9- Auguat-1990, I'm a final year student at the University of the Gambia pursuing a bachelor's degree in Economics and Finance. I am the second daughter of three girls; therefore, one of the most important things I learnt growing up is that there is love in sharing.

My mentor is my mother. As a single parent, she instilled discipline, courage, and devotion in all her children which has helped groom me as an ambitious hardworking individual. I possess great potential and a strong drive for success which has guided me through every step in my life from education, to my part time career as a model and writer. I am also a strong believer in diversity thus despite my religion which is Islam, I have joined school choirs, courtesy of the Christian schools I attended from nursery to high school.

As a student I also participated and enjoyed extracurricular activities such as singing and dancing. Currently I am a part time model working with the Glamorous models of the Gambia and I have participated in various national fashion events which include Gambia Fashion Night and the Ambassadors of University of The Gambia (UTG) which is an annual beauty pageant organized by the University of the Gambia to empower young ladies and showcase their talent. I am a very tolerant individual who relates very well with people because I believe that each person has the right to be heard and not judged but rather appreciated by their personality. I am loyal and patient as well. I stand strongly against all forms of physical, sexual and mental abuse especially abuse against women and children.

As a result, I created a group on facebook called Gambians against Domestic Violence and Exploitation which is still very young and undergoing a lot of work geared towards expansion into a charitable organization in the future. I am pleased and honored to participate in Miss University Africa as I believe that it is a great opportunity for me and my country at large. The exposure, experience and interaction will be fruitful I anticipate. I look forward to meeting all the girls from all around Africa. The cultural exchange and diversity that will be harnessed during this pageant is beyond measure. I hope to share both knowledge and my background as a Gambian with everyone.

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