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My name is Joyce Amartiokor Laryea. I have great parents by the name Mr. and Mrs. Laryea. I am the second child to a family of four siblings. I am perusing marketing at I.P.S, the best marketing Tertiary institution in Ghana today. I chose to study marketing because in every Job field, they need a marketer and besides that I am very good at talking people into any good cause. Since my infancy I have always admire ladies standing up to the challenge of proving their inclusion in everywhere they finds themselves and due to that, I have always admired women on charity causes, pageants, showbiz and fashion shows etc.

Fortunately or unfortunately my beloved parents will always be pushing for me studying than having any interest in showbiz or pageants etc but whilst at the high school I was able to convince them to see the good side of these activities and they gave me the go ahead at last. I got the chance to engage in a few pageants when I was in the high school which I won one and I was given the opportunity to join an organization that advocates again child malnourishment. I really enjoyed the experience because I love children as you can never tell which one of any child you meet on the street today will make the difference Africa is seeking to make tomorrow. 

When the chance for the selection of who will represent Ghana at the next Miss University Africa 2012 came, I didn’t hesitate to showcase who I am made of, as I knew all the other contestants too were good but I was destine to represent Ghana this year and with hard work and faith in God and myself I came up top. I am looking forward to meet all the other contestants of the MUA 2012 in the house as we have a lot to learn about each other cultures, tradition and history etc. One advice I will give to all up and coming young ladies is that, yarn to educate yourself, for one philosopher from Ghana once said, “if you educate a man, you educate an individual but if you educate a woman, you educate a whole nation”. To me Miss University Africa 2012 is a platform for us all as contestants to showcase the beauty with brains African young ladies have to offer the future of the Africa continent. For in all things the success, peace and stability of all African countries lies in the hands of us the African young ladies today, as behind every successful man, there is a woman and not just any woman but a “Woman”. With all due respect, think about it, take a decision now and stand to be counted my reader. 

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