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Ehouman N'zebottiƩ Marie Nooƫlle is a young 2nd year student of Business Management. Born into a very humble family whose father is named Bernard M. Ehouman N'Guandi, originally from the east (N'zaranou) former employee of UNESCO and mother Georgette Brah Ehouman Kesse, also from the east(Abengourou). Having 4 brothers and 3 sisters, Marie Noelle spent a happy childhood surrounded by her family in respect, love, peace and sharing in Bouake, where she saw the light of day in the Nimbo maternity at 800.hrs. Her parents soon found that she would be a star.

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I'm Beatrice Mujanyi, from the Democratic Republic of Congo. j was born in western Kassai (Kananga) a province of the DRC,September 28, 1991. I am the second of a family of six children. I am a student at a major university in the country which meansUNIKIN University of Kinshasa. Apart from studies, I sing, I sing too, I compose, I love to read and write ... my dream is to become a big star in the Christian music while promoting our African cultures, our styles ... I would like to create very large organization to support orphans, widows and widowers!