MUA Botswana 2013


My name is Kaone Monamodi. I am an ambitious young lady of twenty one years. I am born and live in Botswana. I am a third year student at the University of Botswana, studying FINE ARTS. (Theatre)

Growing up in a world where women can be independent and be whatever they want to be is a huge encouragement and an awesome feeling because now all one has to do is dream and work on achieving that particular goal and that is all am routing for. My grandmother and mother have been the people that have inspired me to do better and be a better person. They believe that there is no how a person can fail at life especially if that person is educated, has two arms, two hands, two legs, and eyes that can see. This has inspired me to work even harder at achieving my goals because it means anything I want or need I can have if am determined and willing to work at accomplishing it.

Some people think being a girl child is some sort of a burden. I don’t believe that and it pains me to think that some girls believe that too. We as women have challenges in life; these don’t make us weak but strong. I take pride in being an educated young woman who is willing and determined to work and make things happen. And I don’t mind going the extra mile of helping other young women and girls realize that the future is in their hands if all they willing to do is to work for it. I also believe it’s all in our thoughts, what you are thinking today is constructing your world tomorrow so if we as young women and girls have a positive outlook on life there is no way we can fail.

Besides being this independent ambitious young lady, I like having fun and just appreciating life. I am an outdoor kind of person, I love traveling; learning about other cultures and new places I also enjoy reading, getting to know how other people think and view life. I grew up in a nuclear family, with both parents available thus I value marriage and family. Am a second born of four children. I have an older brother and two young sisters who look up to me to be their role model and this also helps me be a better person.