MUA Cameroon 2013


I am Nadia Fouman Nkousse’e. I was born on 19/09/1987 in the Southern Region of Cameroon. I am a Student at the University of Yaounde II, SOA faculty of law, level 5. In addition to law, I study English language at the British Language Center in Yaounde to be able to communicate and understand others more because Cameroon is first of all a bilingual country and it’s compulsory that we speak and learn both languages.

As an active Cameroon’s ambassador as 1st Runner up as Miss Tourism and Leisure 2012, I believe that with the support of the staff of Miss University Africa Organization and the other participants, I would be able to improve the critical situation of a female student in our continent: AFRICA, through sensitizations, campaigns to promote our cultural heritage, values and will.

We have to change ours mentalities, to go beyond our fears, concerning lives and be courageous to need and use all the means to move forward