MUA Lesotho 2013


Bongiswa Hesman is my name and surname respectively. I possess 19years of age.I am 1.69metres tall and possess 53kg of mass. I am a first year student at Center for Accounting Studies and my dream is to become a chatted accountant. I am a strong believer of God.

I have had a lingering passion for modeling from afar- at 10 years of age and have pursued my passion until now. During my spare time I like hanging around with peers and sharing ideas of how we should tackle life, in short, I am a peer educator. I am talented in singing.

I feel the air of honour around me for representing Lesotho at Miss University Africa and since I have turned into a role mode for other young people and public figure, during the year of 2013 I am going to take a good advantage and try my level best to eradicate gender based violence by creating awareness on girls and women on their rights and empowerment……