How I became Miss University Africa Mozambique 2018


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Today I’m going to speak about how I became Miss University Africa Mozambique 2018!

During this time last year, I was in Mozambique and my cousin, Neila Albuquerque called me asking me if I was interested in applying to represent Mozambique in MUA 2018….

In the beginning I was scared, because I have never participated in a beauty pageant before, but my family and my friends supported me as I made the decision to apply. One of the biggest reasons I applied and I started to fall in love with this pageant was because it was a non-bikini pageant and it advocated for the education of the girl child in Africa.

Then I filled the online application and sent it to the international office, and the answer was POSITIVE!!! I never knew I would get that far but all I had to do was believe in myself 💖

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Queen M